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Points in the Disclaimer on the website Cryptocurrenceas you can read as follows:

1. Data / Konten / Informasi pada Kistang.com sometimes launching / adapting from various sources, the content / adaptation is the copyright of the source concerned, all the material of the broadcast / adaptation is not the copyright of Cryptocurrenceas

2. Cryptocurrenceas always includes data sources / content / information that are quoted / adapted on this website page, while the absence of information sources is an understandable mistake.

3. Cryptocurrenceas is not responsible for the data / content / information that is quoted / adapted from various sources.

4. Data / content / information available on Cryptocurrenceas is only for reference / reference only.

5. Cryptocurrenceas is not responsible for any errors and delays in updating data / content / information, or for any losses arising from actions relating to the use of data / information presented.

6. The manager is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the content of comments from visitors to the Cryptocurrenceas site.

7. By using Cryptocurrenceas, you agree to this disclaimer. For your attention to want to read and explore about us, I thank you.